Below is a list of agencies who offer accommodation in Stellenbosch and who update their available properties regularly. A list of apartments from each of these agencies can be downloaded for ease of use together with a map to pinpoint apartment positions.

Only once a rental contract is signed by both the lessor (owner of the property) and lessee (tenant/person responsible for monthly rent), a credit check is done, an admin fee paid, proof of payment of the deposit is received and in a lot of cases, the first month’s rent paid, should you be assured of your accommodation.


Rental Listings

View the available property rentals below

Sotheby’s Rental List

Property Pro Rental List

My House Properties Rental List

Rawson Properties Rental List

MELROSE SQUARE Rental List 2020

Maranatha Rental List

Shibbolet Dempsey List

Shibbolet La Rez List

Leapfrog Rental List