This site is designed to allow you to browse rental properties in Stellenbosch much quicker and more efficiently from various agents or owners, saving you time. Added benefits now include direct access to a bond originator and being able to work out the costs of acquiring a property. The updated apartment map is still available.

The RENTALS page allows you to view properties for rent in Stellenbosch from various agencies as well as a map of different Stellenbosch apartment block position and our GREAT FEATURE which lets you contact all the agencies that advertise rental properties in Stellenbosch with ONE ENQUIRY – CLICK HERE.

The SALES page is constructed in such a way that you have have tools available including the benefit of a calculator under TRANSFER COSTS which can give you the estimated cost of the registration of that Stellenbosch apartment into your name as well as work out the estimated bond costs and estimated monthly payments.

The PREQUALIFICATION tab allows you direct access to a very experienced bond originator who can tell you what amount you should be able to qualify for in terms of applying for a bond. This bond originator fights to get you the best deal once you have signed an offer to purchase.

Simply fill in your details and our very experienced bond originator from a reputable company will contact you. This is free of charge and helps to waste less time when you have decided on that ideal Stellenbosch investment.

The APARTMENT MAP under SALES as well as RENTALS give you the position of most of the apartment blocks in Stellenbosch.

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